Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Florida

Busch Gardens

This is the main theme park on the Gulf Coast. Situated in the Tampa Bay area it is in effect two attractions. On the one hand there is the very attractive animal area with many attractions and an Edge of Africa safari ride. The other area is devoted to many exciting rides including some of the most severe white-knuckle rides in the area.

The animal attractions include a safari ride, a train ride across the Serengeti Plain or you can view Gorillas and chimpanzees in the lush environment of the Myombe Reserve. There are many other animal attractions for you to enjoy throughout the day. The rides include the Congo River Rapids, Gwazi – the south east's largest and fastest double wooden roller coaster, four other nail biting white knuckle rides, the Stanley Falls log flume or take a 20 passenger boat ride down a 55ft drop into the Tanganyika Tidal Wave! In addition to the above there are numerous shows throughout the day and all in all this is a great day out.

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